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“Tis the Season to be Jolly”

Tis the Season to be Jolly

“Tis the season to be jolly”…….Well it’s being celebrated everywhere, even in the little hamlet of Attunga, though 2020 festivities may have taken a slight twist because of MrCOVID 19 raising his ugly head.

At the local school, both students and Santa have been thrown into turmoil. Normally at this time of year, the school conducts its annual Presentation Night (which annually includes a visit from the jolly man in red) at the village hall. But not this year. It’s being held today, amid Covid distancing rules, at the school itself.

Another highlight of Christmas festivities for the school is the Church Service which is conducted annually by Manilla Anglican Parish’s Rev Dave Fisher at the little Anglican Church. Not this year either. It was held last Wednesday at the school under the guidance Rev Fisher and regular scripture teachers Margaret Webster and Sheryl Schiemer.

Rev Dave Fisher’s 2020 Christmas message: “Though this year’s been a strange one, our community has plenty to be thankful for – we’ve had a good season, the COVID 19 situation in Australia’s looking good, and best of all, at Christmas we’re about to celebrate again the best news in the world –‘A Saviour has been born’. I hope that has special significance for us all this year”.

And while on the Anglican Church, Attunga’s Christmas Service will be held from 7pm on Christmas Eve (Thursday December 24) while Somerton parishioners will gather next Sunday, December 20 from 7pm. Hall’s Creek will stage its annual Christmas service on Wednesday, December 23 from 6pm. Christmas Mass at Attunga’s Roman Catholic Church will be from 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Over the back fence of Attunga School, Golden Retriever breeders Vickie and Darren Harris’ family of canines, including “family members” Tinder and Tiny (along with the couple’s granddaughters Skyla (5) and Lexi (3) from the Central Coast), will also be lapping up a bit of Christmas cheer. Heading that cheer list could be Tiny’s celebration in being sashed Best Dressed at the recent Oxley Dog Club’s Christmas Pageant.

Also looking forward to Christmas this year is one of Attunga’s favourite grandmothers, Val Abra who is a born and bred die-hard Attunga-ite of over seven decades. Val is looking forward to spending a lot of time over the festivities with as many as possible of her three children, 12 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren, according to daughter Deb Fisher.“We’ll have the usual Christmas Day celebrations with mum and as many of those who can make it, but those who can’t, she’ll see them over the course of the holiday break,” Deb said.

Photo: Merry Christmas everyone from Golden Retriever Tiny, Attunga breeder Vickie Harris and her grandies Lexi (3) and five-year-old Skyla.