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Somerton Public School – Somerton Games

Students at Somerton Public School participating in the Somerton Games

A couple of weeks back, the school held the first Somerton Games. Organised into teams, students participated in a variety of activities, earning points through task completion and teamwork. We would like to thank Mr Lalor for his organisation of this event.

From the classrooms….

Echidna Echo

As we dive deeper into the past and present unit, students have started considering; what is the future? This includes what houses, cars and life might be like they become adults. This has supported the class to make generalisations about different aspects of life, by comparing similarities and differences such as;

• Cars: wheels, engine, seats, doors, windows

• Houses: roofs, rooms, doors, windows, air conditioning

• School: teacher, classroom, students, tables, pencils, whiteboards, books

Also, the Echidnas have been investigating the properties of mass and capacity. Students have been using the design process to make containers which hold things (capacity) and structures such as bridges (mass). It has been great to see the levels of ingenuity and innovation.

Mr Stephens, Mr Lalor and Mr White Koalas

These past two weeks have flown by as quick as ever. The Koalas have welcomed a new student Jakob, he has settled into our routines well and we love having him with us.

We have been looking at symmetry and the kids loved re-drawing the other half of their face, the final outcome was spectacular and very creative.


Swimming has started off with a bang. The kids loved getting wet and splashing around.


Clubs have been a smash with the boys learning how to bait their hooks, cast and be patient. We think it is now going to be an ongoing Term 4 activity. Thank you from the Koalas, Mrs Penberthy and Mrs Markwick

Rim of the World

One day Jayden, Jacob, Braxton and I were living our best lives. We always got our own way, we didn’t have to do chores and best of all we got to eat the most delicious food ever. This all changed when our parents told us that there was an alien invasion of Australia. It became very unsafe to be in a city so our parents decided to send us to a camp. The camp looked like a jungle with all the green tents. As we sit in our tents playing our phones we can hear all the other kids texting nervously, you can taste the fear in the air. After playing on our phones for hours we decided to go for a walk.

While we were walking there was a massive bang in the air. A big dark shape landed on the jungle city of tents, there were screams of fear. We realised that the massive dark shape was an alien spaceship. Before we got a chance aliens started leaping ferociously out of the spaceship. They were big ugly looking monsters that wanted the earth. As the aliens attacked we all ran into the toilets because they were chasing us that way. The toilets were our only hope of surviving the alien invasion. As we were hiding in the toilets we heard a slow knock on the door it suddenly swung open. It was the camp manager. He shouted that the toilets were our only hope and that we had to jump down the drop toilets into the sewer. Nervously we agreed.

The sewer was very stinky, it smelt like a graveyard and it looked like a slimy ooze. But at least we are safe for now.

By Jye Booby-Woodward (Year 5)