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Tip closure scare

Last week it was falsely reported in a television news bulletin that the Barraba and Manilla tips were closing. Residents in both communities were expressing some loud dissatisfaction at this news both on social media and directly to Councillors and Council staff.

Council moved to correct the incorrect news bulletin the following day, saying to Barraba and Manilla residents via their facebook page, “We’ve heard that there has been mention of the potential closure of your landfills. We wanted to reach out to let you know this is NOT the case.

As part of a review we recently undertook it was recommended we look at converting your landfills to Small Vehicle Transfer Stations. This conversion will not change what waste you can dispose of at your local waste management facility. What it will do is reduce the licensing requirements for the facilities, reduce environmental impacts, increase opportunities for resource recovery, and much more. We will be sure to keep you up to date on any proposed or planned changes.”

Council are still considering their own proposal to reduce the opening days at both facilities. The Council proposed Barraba’s tip lose two half days of opening hours and that Manilla tip lose one half day of opening time. Public comment has closed. A report with community feedback from the public exhibition and final recommendations will be considered by Councillors in June. If Council endorses the proposed reduction to operating hours they will come into effect from 1 July 2022. By Jane Harris