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Selah Yoga heading to new home

After 18 months of shutdown and outdoor classes, Karen Bishton is returning indoors with her Wednesday Yoga Classes from October 6.  Relocating to new venue at the Uniting Church Hall she is looking forward to seeing so many more local faces joining these popular morning and evening sessions.
There are many reasons to bring a regular yoga practice into your life but one of the fabulous things is that you don’t have to change or be anything more than you are to do yoga.  Yoga meets you exactly where you are physically, mentally and emotionally and is self-empowering, meaning that you take charge of what you need, you can feel that you are taking an active role in your journey toward improved health leading to a more confident mindset.  Each class is designed with beginners in mind and then beyond that you change your practice based on what your body needs and allows.  
Karen recently surveyed her students and asked “if a friend asked you why they should try yoga – what would you say”.  Some of the responses included, “it promotes flexibility and a feeling of wellbeing. Is non competitive and inclusive, catering for a wide range of physical abilities”, “what are you afraid of”, “even my husband loves it”, “it makes you conscious of and increases the depth of breath”, “experience the feeling of your breath and your body working together”, “builds strength and control, and encourages relaxation”, “it taught me how to breath again”, “you don’t have to be flexible – just try it”.
There are many and varied reasons why you might choose to try a yoga class but Karen with her 20 plus years of experience is just the person to guide you into a new discovery and love of yoga and all that it can do to relax and strengthen your body and mind.  Your first is class is FREE so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 
Numbers will be restricted based on NSW Health Regulations and at the time of printing masks will be mandatory except for those with health based exemptions.  If you would like to know more or to book your space please contact Karen on 0429 647928.