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Celebrating Spring

A display of flowers is the Manilla Evening CWA’s way of sharing the present beauty of many gardens in town. Spring is a lovely season to be outside and get together as a community. Join in by adding some of the beauty from your garden using the schedule below.



1            1 cut spring flower

2            A vase of spring flowers

3            1 cut any flowering shrub

4            1 cut any native flowering shrub

5            1 cut each of 3 distinctroses

6            1cut of a significant rose

7            1 stem of iris in bloom

8            1 cut succulent flower

9            1 cutof colourful succulent

10          1 stem of colouredgeranium foliage

11          3 distinct fern fronds


1            Decorated floral saucer

2            Novelty container of flowers – e.g. old boot

3            People Spoon – i.e. a wooden or plastic picnic spoon decorated by texta to look like a person

Entry conditions –

1            Cost – a gold coin donation per exhibitor or visitor. Funds raised go to Manilla Evening CWA community projects.

2            No display entry fee. There will be NO judging.

3            Maximum vase/bottle size 8 inches/20 cm tall.

4            All entries tobe in a bottle or container with exhibitor’s name taped under the base.

5            All entries to be delivered to the Uniting Church Hall between 9 and 10 a.m. on Saturday, 9th October, and to be collected at 3 p.m.Entries not collected will be placed out on the front steps of the hall.

6            Display will be open to public for viewing from 11.00 to 3.00 a.m.

7            Covid rules will be observed – mask to be worn, covid sign-in, social distancing.

Trade Table with a variety of plants, trees and other items for sale.

Enquiries to – Bette Langton (0428658132), Marian Draine (0488186739), Faye Heywood (67857325).