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Barraba businesses open after month of lockdown closure

Some businesses that closed during lockdown are quickly returning to normal trading. Sandra Allan, opened Polkadot Coffee Room on Saturday and said the cafe was full, “mostly with the Saturday regulars eager to “get out” again.” 

“With limits still in place, we were at maximum capacity for the busy time. There were just a few travellers. The street didn’t seem that busy, but some businesses weren’t open either. I thought it would have been busier, but I guess people are going to be a bit hesitant till everyone is vaccinated?” says Sandra.

There is some hesitancy around, with some business owners expressing the view that a snap lockdown may occur at any time. This especially creates wastage problems for food businesses. 

Rhonda Phillips has a lot of eager customers asking for hair appointments at her hair salon “Frocks n Locks”. She has also reopened the conjoined fashion boutique and hopes for a busy Spring trade, after the month’s closure.

Gyms were also subject to full closures and may now reopen. “We are very relieved to be back up and running at Dynamic Muscle and Fitness Centre,” says owner Luke Urquhart. “We would like to thank all of our members for their consistent support,” adds co-owner Ebony. “We look forward to re-commencing group classes on Wednesday 22 September welcoming back members and new faces.”

Accommodation businesses may be slower to get busy. Andrew Sharp at The Playhouse Hotel says there have been no bookings as yet. He attributes this in large part to the lockdowns still in effect in Sydney, parts of regional New South Wales, as well as Queensland.  Local clubs are also returning to more normal trading, re-opening their respective restaurants for eat-in dining this week. By Jane Harris