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Update on the Manilla Water Supply Upgrade

Construction works for the Manilla Water Supply Upgrade

Construction works for the Manilla Water Supply Upgrade has reached the half-way point with progress on schedule to be completed by July 2021.

The budgeted cost of the project is more than $17 million and is funded by the NSW Government and Tamworth Regional Council. The NSW Government is contributing $3.768 million through Restart NSW’s Safe and Secure Water Program with Council funding the balance of the cost of the overall project.

The Manilla Water Supply Upgrade will provide the Manilla community with a more reliable supply of treated water and deliver improvements in the quality of their water.

Since Council’s specialist contractors, Leed, started on site in Reservoir Road in March this year, a number of key structures have been completed including the main administration office, switchroom, a large workshop and a number of concrete tanks.

Over the next three months, works to be completed include:

Completion of final concrete for tanks; Construction of numerous small sheds for housing of pumps and
compressors; and,

Construction of asphalt and concrete roadways.

This month the electrical fitout has started. It involves the installation of the main electrical switchboard and about 50 kilometres of power, instrument and control cabling.

The new Manilla River Pump Station on Lloyd Street adjacent to the river is also well advanced. A temporary coffer dam in the river was necessary to allow the construction of the new water intake screen and the nine metre deep wet well to be build and associated pumps installed.

This project is not only providing Manilla with a much needed updated water infrastructure but it is also boosting the local economy. Leed is spending about $6000 a week on accommodation plus the living costs for the 20 staff who are on site. It has been using local contractors and suppliers where possible for the supply of materials and work such as plumbing, roofing, geological testing, joinery and windows.

For more information about the project see the MyTRC Online Community page at

Construction workers at the Manilla Water Supply Upgrade