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Tigers in solid win over the Magpies


Another good day for football, a slight breeze, mild temperature and four teams to take full advantage of the conditions.


The Tag League opened proceedings, Werris Creek kicked off and with a fortuitous bounce were able to regain possession, this gave them good field position which enabled the Magpies to score first, the conversion was successful, 0/6.

Kim Flett set the Creek side on their heels with a good run down field, unfortunately for Manilla the defence held, then rebounded with a second try, another good conversion, 0/12. The Tigerettes then attacked again, completed their five tackles and had to hand the ball over to the Creek, the Magpies then attacked strongly being rewarded with another converted try, 0/18. Werris Creek retained possession for most of the first half and went into break leading 28/0.

Manilla opened the second half in a promising manner, Kim Flett again making a big break, but they were unable to take advantage of the field position, the Magpies regained possession and scored another converted ,try, 0/34, Manilla then held the Magpies out for a period, forcing a ,kick, this bounced in the Magpies favour, another converted try, 0/40. 

The Manilla defence held firm for long periods but the attack was too good and another converted try finished the scoring for the match,

Werris Creek winning 46/0. Sheleaka O’Leary Cloake picked up 1 point in the B/F.


In Reserve Grade Manilla kicked off and were able to keep the Magpies in their half with solid defence, the Manilla crowd thought it was an ,early try to Manilla but the ruling was a double movement. The Creek decided that the best tactic was to kick to our experienced fullback Abel Carney, not the best plan. Manilla received a stripping penalty, our forwards then produced their usual high work ethic, Anthony Wicks took full advantage with a good run before offloading to Beau Harry who scored the opening try, this was converted by Mitch Doring, Manilla lead 6/0.

Our forwards in the early stages of the match were laying solid groundwork, Jim Neeson set play with a good run, this was supported by Wicks, then Jesse Glass ran through the Magpie forwards to score a good try which was converted, Manilla 12/0. Beau Harry then continued his good form, again well supported by Carney who passed to Doring, this pass went astray but was cleaned up by Manilla, Coen King was the recipient of  this good work scoring wide out, not wide enough as Doring converted again, Manilla lead 18/0.

The two props Harry and Ben Taber drove the ball forward with multiple runs, Manilla kicked, the Magpies failed to clean up and Manilla thought they were in again, the try by Karwan Knox was denied by the referee, not sure why but he was closer to the play than the crowd.

Werris Creek again resorted to kicking to Carney, an offload to Daylan Walker saw the ball carried 40 metres up field. Adam Ruttley then took over with an elusive run from 40 metres out scoring under the posts, this was converted Manilla lead 24/0. Manilla received the ball from the kickoff, Ben Taber must have thought a spell was coming as he made two successive runs into the line. Manilla then kicked and Daniel Earl and Doring led the defensive effort, the Creek again kicked, Lincoln Brown brought the ball back with an angled run and then flick passed to

Isaac Devine who needs no room and scored, again converted by Doring 30/0. Bareki Knox was then introduced to the Magpie defence, his solid runs gave Carney room to move, another converted try, 36/0. 

 Manilla then launched another attacking raid, Dylan Walker made a strong run and tried to run around the fullback, the ball then went wide to Karwan Knox who scored near the corner post, no problem for Doring, another goal, 42/0. This was the half time score.

The Creek finally got field position and despite good defence from Coen King and Ruttley managed to score near the posts, this was converted, Manilla lead 42/6. The Creek tried to take advantage of this but the Manilla defence held forcing the kick, Manilla responded with good runs from Dylan Walker and then underpinned by good defence from Beau Harry. Manilla sent the ball wide and Jim Neeson was able to force the ball, but shock of all shocks, the conversion was missing by Doring, Manilla now lead 46/4.  Neeson then backed this up with a twenty metre run from the kickoff, the ball was then kicked by Manilla, the ball bounced around players, was then kicked at by anyone nearby, Manilla somehow finished up with the ball.

Adam Ruttley then decided to demonstrate his attacking prowess, scoring untouched from twenty metres out, Doring converted 52/4.

The forwards then stamped their influence further on the game with Harry, Taber and then Wicks producing strong runs, Neeson then joined in with another good run, Doring took possession, dummied to the defence and then passed inside to Devine, another converted try, 58/4.

Werris Creek then received a penalty whilst Manilla had possession but could not improve their score line, Manilla however took possession and went up field through Doring and Carney the ball eventually getting to Corey Hall, another converted try, 64/4.  Earl and Harry then showed it was not all about attack with some solid hits in defence, the Creek however got close enough and the attacker was able to stretch out scoring wide out, Manilla lead 64/8.

The Werris Creek Magpies were trying to the end, the score line was no indication of their effort however fatigue saw a dropped ball pounced on by Devine who raced away to finish the try scoring for the afternoon, Doring of course converted, final score, Manilla 70/8.

Referee’s best and fairest Jesse Glass 3 points, Jim Neeson