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The Hornets are Back!

The Manilla Hornets were back on the field on Saturday 1st May for the  first round of Tamworth MiniRoos football.

There were smiles all round as our six junior teams put their skills  to the test in what was for many their first ever competition game. 

This year is the first year Tamworth Football has introduced a  designated U5 team (previously the U5 players have played up with the  U6 teams) and they definitely had a blast!! It’s wonderful to see so many new faces in our club for this season.

Thank you to our coaches and field coaches for giving their time and  energy to support our ‘dressed in red’ Hornets in their games. Great  fun was had by all if the smiles in the photographs were any indication!

As usual we will be featuring one or two squads each week in our  reports so stay tuned!

Cathy Shepherd

The Manilla Hornets Men’s 3rd Grade Team played an enjoyable game  against Tamworth FC last night on Johnson Field. They won 3-1. Well  done to Caleb Mcilveen , Sam Saunders, Jacob Hawley and all other  players who helped set these goals up. Well done fellas, great start to  the season.

Tiffany Faulks


Hands up for U5 Football fun! L to R: Coach Isis Ashton, Clancy  Burrows, Charlie Woodward, Oliver Maughan, Mia McDonald, Evie Lendon,  Aubree Butcher

U6 Hornets – L to R: Frank Coleman, Connor Howlett, Miller Burke,  Falcon Davis, Joe Sullivan

U7 Hornets – L to R: Coach: Daniel Trotter, Assistant: Brontee  Trotter, Pippa Duff, Georgia Abra, Adelaide Coleman, Michael Maughan,  Harrison Trotter, Chukwvebuk Aniakor & William Woodward

U8 Hornets – Back L to R: Eloise Trotter, Molly Gallagher, Jasper  Lendon, Logan Burrows, Field Coach Hugh Totter

Front L to R: Josie Duff, Nevaeh Howlett, Daisy Coleman, Hunter Linton,  Dustin Sing

U10 Hornets – Back L to R: Zander Buffett, Nicholas Gallagher, Riley  Butcher, Farrer Burke, Ryan Elliott, Ruby Kenafick

Front L to R: Gideon McHugh, Owen Gardner, Braxton Tyrna

Coach: Lucy Tyrna  U11 Hornets – Back L to R: Jack Ellen, Liam Hawley, Jack Ormiston,  Aiden Hall, Elliot Fenton, Connor Shepherd, Coach Cathy Shepherd. Front  L to R: Madeline Trotter, Maddalin Gardner, Harper Ryman