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Success in the world of auctioneering

Manilla’s Michael Purtle is an 18-year-old with his feet firmly fixed on the ground. He’s strived to make every post a winner in his short life thus far, though will openly give credit to those who have helped him along that successful path.

Michael, who commenced employment with the family business PurtlePleveyAgencies Pty Ltd after completing his secondary education at St Joseph’sCollege in Sydney back in December, was recently named Real Estate Institute of NSW Novice Auctioneer at regional level.That achievement qualified him to compete at state level which was to have been held last month, but postponed due to Covid.

“At the regionals held in Tamworth, it was a charity auction and I had to sell an Akubra hat, which made $215. There were 12 contestants and I was second last, but lucky enough to come away with the win,” Michael said.

“At the state competition though, we’ll be given details on a particular place, then have to sell that property.”

Being successful with the gavel though runs in Michael’s genes. Back in 1996, his father Patrick Purtle was named Young Auctioneer at both state and national levels for his prowess in selling livestock – the national win earning Patrick a trip to Calgary.

Michael’s lifelong goal – even as far back as a six year old, was to become a successful stock and station agent and auctioneer.

“I used to go to as many livestock and clearance sales as I could, working with dad and the team at the old Tamworth saleyards. Since December, I’ve sold at the Monday fat cattle sales in Tamworth, done three or four clearance salesand the occasional run of cattle at Gunnedah sales.

“I prefer selling livestock, I enjoy the atmosphere of the saleyards. When selling cattle, you deal mostly with professional cattle buyers so have to be really switched on and know the value of what you are selling. It’s very challenging for me, and I love a challenge. I like clearance salestoo where you get involved with the general community, and you can have a bit of fun as well.”

Dad Patrick is always at the ready with helpful tips “he’s trained me well, and his tips have not only made me enjoy what I’m doing more, but also given me confidence and a lot of respect in delivering what I have to sell”.

“He tells me to always know my values, only say pertinent things, respect all people whether they are corporate bodies or a single stock buyer, and really enjoy what I’m doing when I get up to sell. Business partner Sam Plevey has also been great, backing me and giving me confidence in all facets of agency life.

“I’m pretty privileged to have very supportive parents (Patrick and wife Sally Purtle) who have worked extra hard to ensure us kids have a good education (Grace in Year 12 at Calrossy in Tamworth and Molly in Year 10 at Loreto,Normanhurst). I’m fortunate in that I went from finishing Year 12 straight into a job in the family business – not many 18 year olds get that chance.”

The old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ also applies to Michael. “I practice while driving by trying to sell 100 guide posts along the way, I sell for about 20 minutes in the shower each night, and I sing to myself to get my rhythms right”.

Also emerging from his years at Joeys was Michael’s love of rugby. He now plays first grade with Pirates’ Rugby Club in Tamworth where he was recently picked in Central North’s open men’s side. From that he was selected in the Country Under 19 side which was to have travelled to the Gold Coast, but cancelled due to Covid.

“Instead it’s hoped we’ll play the Under 19 Waratah Development Squad – Covid permitting.” By Vinnie Todd