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Spring Flower Show to be held next month

By Vinnie Todd

A big indication that Spring is in the air will be Manilla Evening CWA Branch throwing open the doors of Manilla Uniting Church Hall for its second annual Spring Flower Show next month.

Last year the Branch decided on holding a flower show just to brighten the spirits of community members who had endured not only a prolonged drought, but also the Covid pandemic. The day was such a success that it was added to the Branch’s annual fundraising list.

The flower display/trading table, which will be open to the public from 10am until 1pm on Saturday October 8, isn’t restricted to green thumbers only. Amateurs and children can also display their creations. The show will be non-competitive with no judging done on the day, and no display fee will be charged, although a gold coin donation will be requested from both exhibitors and visitors. All monies raised will go towards the Evening Branch’s various local community projects.

Morning tea will also be available, and a trading table will have plenty on offer for the passionate bargain hunter.

Exhibitors have the choice of 14 different sections in the cut flowers – entries to be in a bottle (to a maximum of 20cm tall) with the exhibitor’s name attached to the bottom. Entries can include cut spring flower varieties, natives, roses, succulents, fern fronds, thistles, grasses in head or even a vase of flowers from the wayside.

Children have either the choice of creating a novelty arrangement in anything from the kitchen – cup, glass, bowl, or doing up a small posy in remembrance of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

All entries are required to be delivered to the Uniting Church Hall between 9am and 9.30am on the day, and should be collected at 1pm, otherwise they’ll be placed on the front steps of the hall for later collection. Inquiries can be made to Branch president Kate Phelps on 0477 022252, Marian Draine (0488 186739) or Faye Heywood (6785 7325).