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Office works prompt temporary relocation

              Residents of Manilla will need to cross over to the other side of  Manilla Street to pop in to their local Council office during March.

              The office will be temporarily relocated to the Manilla Heritage  Museum and Visitor Information Outlet from Friday 1 March to Wednesday  31 March, 2021 while the roof of the building and ceiling is replaced.

              Tamworth Regional Council Manager Plant Fleet and Building Services,  George Shearman, said relocating the office temporarily is the safest  option for customers and staff while the construction is in progress.

              “We appreciate this may be a little inconvenient for residents who are  used to visiting the office in its current location, but the upside is  that the Manilla Heritage Museum is directly opposite so we are

minimising  any disruption to our community.”

              Mr Shearman said it was fortunate the Manilla Heritage Museum and  Visitor Information Outlet was available for temporary use because it  remains closed due to the potential health risk the COVID-19 pandemic  poses  to its mostly higher risk volunteers.

              The roof of the building has deteriorated over the years due to its  age. There have been repairs made to a number of leaks due to prevent  structural issues. However, given its current condition, replacement of  the roof and ceiling is now the most cost-effective action.

              The works are budgeted to cost $150,000 and have been funded through  Council’s building renewal budget.

              All the usual services will be available from the temporary office,  however library services will be reduced to a “Click and Collect”  service only.

              “Unfortunately the available space at the museum site means it is not  possible to provide access to the Manilla Library collection,” Mr  Shearman said.

              “Anyone who has borrowed items is asked to hang onto them until the  permanent office reopens and, in the meantime, books and other items  can be reserved online through the “Click and Collect” service or over  the  phone and delivered to the temporary Manilla office for  collection.”

              For more information about the ‘click and collect’ service, call

Tamworth Library on 6767 5228.