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Northern Schools Prime Steer Competition

By Benjamin Bowman

220 students from 14 different schools competed in the Northern Schools Steer Competition at the Manilla showground on the 16th and 17th of November.  

Students participated in parading steers, Junior Judging and had their animals judged to find the best steer on the day.  

This was the 34th year that the competition was run. Schools from the Northern Schools network take turns running the competition. This year it was run by Ben Bowman from Peel High School and Martin McCabe from Tamworth High School. The idea behind it is to provide students an opportunity to participate in a steer show run by schools for schools. This allows us to run it at a more relaxed pace were student learning and participation and learning are the focus. 

For many students this was their first time showing cattle. Paraders Judge Miss Dominique Wyse said ‘it was great to see the students involved in paraders and junior judging. These up and coming competitors are showing great promise to the future of the Ag Industry’. 

The champion parader was William Wright  from Glenn Innes High School. 

Steers were judged by their weight category either lightweights, Middleweights or heavy weight. The steer Judge was Mr Alex Clydesdale from McColloch agencies in Tamworth. He commented on the quality of the cattle and how well the students had prepared the steers for competition. 

He awarded the Champion steer on the Hoof to Tenterfields high school heavyweight steer ‘Bo Bo’. Tenterfeild High School also won the unled cattle section.  

On Thursday students judged 3 Classes of animals and the top students made into the final of the Junior Judging. In the final the student had to speak on how they placed the animals and why. The champion Judge was awarded to Ryan Guy from Peel High School. 

The cattle were loaded onto trucks and sent to Teys in Tamworth and NH foods at Whigham. The steer carcases will be judged and this will be combined with the results from the live judging to find the champion animal of the Competition. 

It was great to hold the event at the manilla Showgrounds and many schools commented on how lovely the community at Manilla is. 

Thank you to: 

  • M and M stockyards Manilla who donated the use of their truck to move and set up livestock handling equipment so that we could handle the animals safely 
  • Manilla Team Penning club for the use of their facilities  
  • TRC Manilla Branch for accommodating the needs of our competition 
  • McCulloch Agencies Tamworth for the transferring of Stock and judging the animals 
  • Teys Tamworth for sponsoring a bbq for the students and use of facilities for Carcase judging  
  • NH foods Whigham for use of facilities for Carcase judging 

Thankyou to our sponsors Furneys Tamworth, Nutrien Tamworth, Hazzels farm and fertiliser Tamworth and Elders Tamworth for providing prizes for the student. 

Junior judging  


1st Jason James from Bonalbo Central School 

2nd Grace kreinberg from Armidale Secondary College 

3rd Jasmine Klinger from Glen Innes High school 

4th loclin  smith from Bonalbo Central School  

5th Toby Cover from Bingara Central School  

6th Mattiea Jordan from Peel High School 

14/15 yrs 

1st Ryan Guy from Peel High School  

2nd Ivy Pritchard from Walcha  

3rd Amelia Kelly from Armidale Secondary College  

4th Zoe Allan from Bingara Central School  

5th Isabella Mooney from Walcha 

6th Aaliyah Snape from Armidale Secondary College  

16 and over  

1st Sharnni Schoots from Hastings 

2nd Jed McCowen from Tenterfield  

3rd Charlie watt from Tenterfield  

4th Ashley Donnelly from Guyra 

5th Tully Naylor from Maclean High School 

6th George Hicks from Farrer 

Grand Champion Junior Judge- Ryan Guy from Peel High School  

Reserve champion Ivy Pritchard from Walcha  

Paraders results 

12/13 yrs 

1st William Wright from Glen Innes  

2nd Mattiea Jordan from Peel High school 

3rd Ilyssa Newbury from Glen Innes High School  

4th Zara Kesby from Peel High School  

5th Addison Dickson from Bingara Central School  

6th Cameron Russell from Peel High School 

14/15 yrs 

1st Khloe edwards from Inverell 

2nd Paige Parker from Tenterfield  

3rd Nash Schrader from Maclean 

4th Eden Kiminski from Cultivate At 

5th Isabell Atkins from Walcha 

6th Alex Wright from Glen Innes  

16 an d over  

1st Bailey Whitton from cultivate at 

2nd Isabell Kesby from Peel High school 

3rd Charlotte Mooney from Walcha 

4th Olivia Haslem from Walcha 

5th Chloe Moss from Peel High School  

6th Ellie Mitchell from Guyra  

Grand champion William Wright  

Reserve champion Khloe Edwards 

Steer Results: 

Light weight Champion – ‘Paddington’ from Tenterfeild High 

Middle weight Champion – ‘Savage’ From Walcha Central School 

Heavy Weight Champion – ‘Bo Bo’ from Tenterfeild High 

Overall Champion ‘Bo-Bo’ from Tenterfeild High  

Champion Parader William Wright  with Judge Miss Dominique Wyse
Champion steer with Judge Alec Clydsdale