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More art for Queen Street

Mosaic artist Arlene Weekes has bestowed a glorious permanent artwork upon Barraba’s Queen Street. Last Friday, installation of a large mosaic work depicting a man and woman was made on the heritage wall in the front garden of Andy’s Guesthouse at 98 Queen Street.

Arlene has been working on the piece in her Barraba studio, assisted with many technical aspects by her husband Bruce. The work has taken many months to complete. Arlene believes, “There’s always more opportunities for beautiful art in the world.”

The mosaic depicts two figures, a man and a woman, rendered in many pieces of ceramic and glass with a few whimsical touches.

Arlene cast the faces of the figures in clay, fired in the kiln at the Barraba Potters and Craft Guild. The heritage brick wall in Andy’s garden is an important part of the artwork with its rich red Barraba brick and more than a century’s patina.

Andy welcomes passers by to peek over the fence to see the work. He and Arlene share a deep love of nature and caring for the environment. They are planning a few additions to the work in the future.

Queen Street’s new mosiac work by artist Arliene Weekes