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By Sharyn Jones

Moke Roundup Tamworth was on again last week (19th – 23rd Oct) with 5 days of moking and mateship on tracks and trails around the Tamworth District.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the weather chose to put on it’s worst but while it may have saturated the countryside it didn’t dampen the mokers’ spirits and any mishaps were dealt with quickly and simply with the help of fellow mokers and a few good laughs.

The wonderful organisers, Greg Offord, Stephen Payne and Michael Breedon had put in many weeks of work choosing routes and itineraries to challenge the little mokes while showing off our beautiful region to the best. But plans changed often as some roads became too washed out to use.

Plan A became Plan B and then plan C etc, with the 3 men claiming that at times, plans H, I & J had to implemented!

Thirty Nine Mini Mokes took part, travelling from several states and one from the U.K. to join the Roundup.

The mokes always enjoy a run to Manilla and this year saw them lined up along the river near the weir on Thursday morning, with both the river and weir being at their spectacular best.

From Manilla the group travelled to Somerton Hotel for lunch and to look forward to the next day’s adventure, to Walcha Road Hotel.

One could almost say that the roundup in general is a 5 day pub crawl where the main aim is to take the longest and most round about and off road route possible between pub lunches. ……..but it’s really about the chance for fellow moke fans to get together and enjoy these fantastic little vehicles, as well as each other’s companionship.