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Manilla Netball Club Makes History – First Life Members

Lynne Martin and Teressa Lovegrove

Manilla Netball Club proudly presents its very first Life Members.

Congratulations Lynne Martin and Teressa Lovegrove on your many years of service to Manilla Netball Club Inc. With such a long-standing commitment to netball, MNC has bestowed the highest honour possible to these two outstanding, dedicated and loyal supporters. Lynne and Teressaís continued service to MNC has significantly progressed the Clubís development and ignited the love of Netball in our town.

Lynne began her love of netball at school with Pat Weston in about 1965, where they lived and breathed netball! Lynne played when it was called Tamworth Womenís Basketball, coached by Pat Weston. Manilla Netball Club has been involved in Tamworth Netball since the 1960ís, with Pat Weston coaching some of the first teams from Manilla and becoming the first life-member of Tamworth Netball Association and was president of NSW Netball Association.

“Pat Weston, her husband was the Principal at school and she would come every day at recess, every day at lunchtime and every afternoon. So, you didnít get on the bus, I didnít go home until 5 oíclock from school because we were playing netball till then! So, her expectations were up here! If you played, you did your umpires exam. Thatís where the encouragement came from and thatís where the love came from!î said Lynne Lynneís knowledge and expectations as both a player and a coach are legendary and many children she coached are still playing or coaching today.

“It is really wonderful that Manilla Netball Club has continued for all these years because girls that play netball go on to do a whole lot of things. They make amazing employees, they make amazing bosses because they learn to delegate and they learn to make decisions. If they get a rough decision, they can accept it, and these are all life skills.” said Lynne.