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Manilla defeat Kingswood in a very close game

Saturday was a massive day for the reformed Manilla Cricket Team at Kingswood in Tamworth scoring their first win by two runs!
Kingswood won the toss and sent Manilla into bat in very hot a steamy conditions. Manilla started steady with openers Steven Moore and Jacob Hawley putting on 32 before Steven was bowled in the 4th Over. Michael King went in the next over to be 2 for 34. Jacob retired on 32 runs in the 10th over, Sully Taber was out next for 4 runs and Meaghan Hawley out for 11 and the score was 4 for 79 in the 12th Over.
Russell Gardner then was out for 29 runs just 1 short of retiring in the 18th over and the score was 5 for 109.
Dougy Cederblad then scored 9 and Brad Mitchell made a handy 33 runs but got out before retiring.
The score was then 7 for 153 in the 24th over.
Ben Taber then made 12 runs including a massive 6 and a 4. Dwight Gardner then unluckily went for zero and Manilla were 9 for 167 with 2 overs to go and Jacob came
back in after retiring earlier to join Jerod Sutherland who hasn’t played a game for 17 years. Jerod hit a great six and managed 11 not and and Jacob 45 not out to take the score to 181 off the 30 overs!
In reply Kingswood started similar to Manilla being 1 for 34 in the 6th over when Jerod Sutherland showed 17 years out doesn’t matter taking the first wicket. Kingswood then took a strong hold on the game with 2 batters retiring before the second wicket fell for 108 in the 17th over, then another fell for 109.
Manilla then bowled and fielded extremely well slowing the scoring and taking wickets regularly with Kingswood being 4 for 124, then 5 for 144, 6 for 144.
This game was starting to look like it was going to be a close one but Manilla knew that Kingswood had 2 batters that could come back out and bat after retiring earlier.
The score was tight with the 7th wicket falling for 152 in the 28th over then 8 for 153 in the same over.
Kingswood needed 29 runs off the last two overs. They managed 16 off the 29th with there retired batter coming back out and hitting 2 big sixes and things were looking like Manilla were going to fall oh so close yet again, score was now 8 for 169 with one over to go.
The last over could go either way and Steven Moore had the responsibility of trying to win the match with Kingswood needing 13 runs or Manilla 2 wickets.
The last over was down to the wire. Manilla got a excellent run out thanks to a great throw from Dwight Gardner, they also hit a six with two balls to go and Kingswood needing 4 to win or Manilla 1 wicket. Ball five was hit to the outfield and they completed 1 and headed for the second but Brad Mitchel fired the ball to Steven at the bowlers end and the batter was caught well short of his ground and Manilla wins!!
The team was so happy and was a great feeling especially for all the younger players as this was there first ever win. Manilla supporters went crazy with joy as well.
The bowing and fielding was outstanding by all the players both young and old. Figures were Jacob Hawley 0 for 10 off 4, Russell Gardner 0 for 17 off 4 overs, Ben Taber 0 for 17 off 1, Jerod Sutherland 1 for 7 off 1 over, Doug Cederblad 1 for 15 off 4 overs, Sully Taber 1 for 21 off 3 overs, Michael King 0 for 14 off 2 overs, Meaghan Hawley 0 for 6 off 2 overs, Dwight Gardener 0 for 15 off 2 overs, Brad Mitchell 1 for 22 off 4 overs and Steven Moore 5 for 13 off 3 overs.
Next Saturday the 4th Manilla will play in Manilla against Kootingal.
Next Sunday the 5th there will be a junior training and development day held in Tamworth at the Riverside fields starting at 10am. All children up to the age of 16 are welcome to attend, at this stage we have 10 or so Manilla kids heading in.