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Life membership awarded to Teena Bridge

After decades of her ongoing involvement with Manilla Show Society Inc – including 25 years as its Ringmaster – Manilla horsewoman Teena Bridge was recognised on the weekend by having Life Membership bestowed upon her by the show committee.

Though that’s not the first time Teena, who has been riding at royal show levelsince she was eight, has been recognised for her dedication to agricultural shows. Three years ago the RAS presented her with the Long Term Association Certificate for a 50-year involvement with the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Manilla Show Society Inc president Jim Maxwell said that presenting Teena with Life Membership was a mark of respect and appreciation for the competent horsewoman.

“I’ve always called Teena God,” he joked.

“I’ve done so for years, for what she says and the way she conducts herself in the ring. People will argue with her, but then go away, look up the rule books, and find out she’s right. She runs a tight ship and knows the rules backwards. She just has a way with people.”

Mr Maxwell said that Teena was “pretty chuffed” when the Life Membership was announced on the second day of the three-day show.

“She reckons she’s done what she has for years because of the love for it, and didn’t need any accolades. Kevin (Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson) presented it to her, then asked her to open the show. Teena spoke very well on the history of the show, and of those before her who had built it up. She said it was an absolute privilege to be part of our little show.”

Mr Maxwell also touched on the huge success of the 2022 show.

“It was absolutely awesome. Numbers for Friday night surpassed most Saturday numbers, then the people seemed to return again on Saturday. The increase in numbers may have been because of the attractions we had this year on top of the fact that people could enter with the Dine & Discovery vouchers which a lot of them used. The Lions’ canteen takings were up 25 per cent on previous years, and the bar similar.”

By Vinnie Todd