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Dear Editor,
The proposed diversion of water from the Namoi at the Blue Hole via a pipeline to Split Rock Dam would have a big negative impact on Manilla and its surrounds.
This stretch of the Namoi is unregulated, making it a valuable environmental resource. The recent draft Regional Water Strategy proposal has not been well publicised. Public consultation has been grossly inadequate.
The Blue Hole diversion would affect the river downstream including through Manilla, its prime recreation areas and favourite fishing and tourism stretches.
We all remember when the weir ran dry during the drought. That would happen more frequently if water upstream is diverted.
Irrigators on the Namoi above Manilla are dependent on an adequate flow at the Manilla weir. They will be badly disadvantaged by a lesser
The proposal has not been well publicised, and the community is largely in the dark. We need to know more.
Apart from the impact on the townspeople and irrigators, a weir at Blue Hole would damage the living riverine ecology, on top of increasing pressure from climate change and development.
The unregulated Namoi is one of the few Murray Darling Basin systems that are still flourishing, with platypus and Regent Honey Eater sightings indicating its value. Any disruption to the system by weirs, pumping stations and pipelines, would have clear and measurable impacts on the ecosystem. The Upper Namoi River has been designated as a pristine river.
It’s hard to put a dollar value on platypus, yabbies, Murray cod and yellow- bellies, and the birdlife that is associated with the river, but a river without them would be a lesser place for us all.
The people of Manilla will have the opportunity to sign a petition opposing the Blue Hole weir and pipeline to Split Rock during the draft Regional Water Strategy process. Various businesses in Manilla will have the petition available.We invite readers to consider signing.
Jenny Henderson, Corra Linn, Manilla
Cam Henderson, Corra Linn, Manilla
Susan Jones, North Cuerindi, Manilla


Letter to the Manilla Community.

Re:- Shocking Blue Hole Weir proposal.

We need better management of water resources more than new dams or WEIRS.

The river running through Manilla will be of greater benefit to the MANILLA COMMUNITY than a weir that will benefit people mostly outside the local community.

Vibrant river water resources draw tourists bringing extra money to the town. The number of people travelling  to “the bush” from the cities will increase because of covid and limited overseas travel for the same reason.

Australia is the driest continent and will probably get drier.

A weir is no good if it doesn’t rain, and if it does rain you don’t need a weir.

I’m 74 and have been coming to Manilla for holidays and family reasons for most of that time.

I remember when a dam proposed for the Blue Hole was rejected in favour of the present Split Rock site. The reasons WHY it was rejected should be investigated.

Come on community and business houses demand more detail and open discussion and actively reject this proposal on (1) Negative community benefit and (2) Environmental damage  ground.

Mal Henderson,