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Letter to Editor

As Chairperson of Manilla Matters S355 Committee I feel compelled to write this letter of clarification after misleading comments have been made on facebook saying that TRC were responsible for Manilla’s Australia Day Awards/Concert being held on the 25th January.

Organisers of this year’s Australia Day – S355 Manilla Matters  Committee is comprised of Manilla citizens.

Firstly can I make it clear that rightly or wrongly the committee chose the date, time, venue and caterers for this year’s once off concert and stand by their decision. The concert was made possible from additional funding gained by TRC. The committee also elected to hand over the organisation of concert performing artists, sound stage etc to TRC.

At no time did the committee wish to change the date of Australia Day.

Our reasoning behind our decision for holding the Awards and Concert on Australia day eve were due to heat the concert would have to be an evening event, whilst Wednesday is still a working day we felt the majority of people would be home from work by 6pm. The concert commences at 7pm and ends at 10pm.  Holding it on 25th was so that the majority of people could enjoy the concert until late with the knowledge that for most the next day would be a public holiday.  A day that they could spend how they choose  to celebrate Australia Day. The Memorial Pool will be open for free as per usual with the large inflatable in operation.

We were looking for optimum numbers to attend the awards/concert so that businesses caterering  would benefit most.

By holding the Australia Day awards prior to the concert we were hoping that this may encourage more people than normal to attend who would then stay on for the concert.

I can see that where the confusion about the Australia Day date celebration has occurred  and will rectify this by changing the advert to Australia Day EVE Awards & Concert. I apologise for any confusion and say once again it was not our intention to change the day of when Australia Day is celebrated.

I encourage members of our community to come and enjoy the Awards and Concert. As mentioned this concert is a once off free event and future Australia Awards will return to a ceremony to be held on Australia Day.

As  well as Australia Day Manilla Matters Committee also organise Christmas Carols and youth events. We meet at the Mechanic Institute every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4pm. We welcome new members or members of our community with suggestions and ideas that they would like to be put forward for consideration. If you are unable to attend the meeting we have an email address manillamatters@gmail. com or I am happy to take a call on 0427033751.

Your Sincerely

Jane Martin