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Dear Sir,
The stunning artwork on the old Salvo’s’ building in Barraba is another feather in the cap for Barraba and the region.
The recently completed 2nd artwork brought to town by the Barraba Public Art Group has depicted our wonderful Horton Falls and the wildlife that surrounds it.
To highlight something of that calibre in the towns limits will surely bring more travellers to the region, and hopefully encourage them to stay and explore once restrictions ease. It is a credit to the artist to complete such an amazing and in detail piece of work on a brick wall.
With the Silo art trail gaining a huge following, and an increased presence on Facebook, public displays like this and the ‘Water Diviner’ on Barraba’s silo’s, are putting small regional towns well
and truly on the map for travellers.
Trent Hartwig
Barraba Rural Traders