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Good win over Boggabri on Sunday

From the Tigers Den

The weather was near perfect for Manilla’s clash with Boggabri on Sunday, and a large crowd took full advantage of the conditions by watching three games of football.

The lead in game was a Minor League match, Manilla versus Dungowan, both these teams were well supported but I have no details on the match.

This was followed by the League Tag match, Boggabri opened proceedings with the kickoff, the Tigerettes brought the ball back strongly, one of our players was injured and had to leave the field, Boggabri then took possession and worked the ball downfield, and managed to score near the posts, this try was converted, Boggabri 6/0.

Boggabri took possession from the kickoff, were able to attack strongly, Manilla were unable to recover quickly enough allowing another Boggy try, 10/0. Manilla was then able to take the ball deep into Boggabri’s area but were unable to take advantage of the field position, knocking on in a good position, Boggabri then worked the ball back upfield for a converted try, 16/0 at half time.

Boggabri maintained their domination early on in the second stanza, scoring again but being unable to convert, 20/0, Boggabri were then a player down courtesy of the referee, Manilla were able to score a good try through Jess O’Neill, Boggabri leading 20/4. Boggabri finished the scoring for the match to run out 24/4.

Referees points ShavanaBoota 2 points.

The Manilla Tigers then played the Boggabri Kangaroos in the reserve grade match, Boggabri started strongly and were pressing the Tigers line, Boggy then kicked in an attacking effort, but lady luck was not smiling for Boggy, the ball hit the post, bounced fifteen metres into the field of play straight into Beau Harry’s arms, Beau took off and ran twenty five metres and then off loaded to Isaac Devine who then ran the remaining distance to the try line, 4/0, this try was not converted by Mitch Doring.

The next few minutes were an arm wrestle, the Kangaroos worked the ball down field, Manilla then had a player down injured, the Roos took full advantage and score a converted try, Boggabri lead 6/4. The Tigers were being well positioned by Carney telling players where to go in defence, Boggy tried to stop the chatter by kicking the ball to Carney, but the ball was off loaded to Corey Hall who took the ball strongly up field, Manilla then received a stripping penalty, after the tap Mitch Doring made a good run, drew the defence and passed to Abel Carney, Carney then drew the next line of defence and passed to Hall who completed the movement by scoring in the corner, Doring was unable to convert, Manilla lead 8/6.

Boggabri were hurting themselves with undisciplined play giving Manilla another penalty, good attacking moves from Manilla took the into good field position but forced the pass on the fifth tackle, putting the ball over the sideline.

Boggabri again resorted to the kick, Isaac Devine took the ball back strongly, then passed to Doring, another pass to Adam Ruttley who put the ball under sticks, but the referee broke a few Manilla hearts by calling a forward pass. The Kangaroos were unable to maintain possession, knocking on and giving Manilla good field position, Jayse Starr ran through some flimsy defence to score an easy try near the posts, Doring was able to convert, Manilla lead 14/6.

Boggabri gained possession, Beau Harry stopped the attacking moves with very strong low tackling, this was supported by both Devine and Lincoln Brown, Doring continued to put Boggabri under pressure with a good kicking game, one such kick was not covered by Boggy, Ben Taber caught the ball passed to Devine but the ball was knocked on. Manilla had Boggy trapped on their line when the half time siren went, half time 14/6.

Boggabri Kangaroos kicked off, good runs from Carney and Taber put Boggy on the back foot, Starr then took possession, angled a run and then offloaded to Doring twenty metres out, Doring then displayed his attacking prowess with a stepping run beating several defenders scoring near the posts, this try was converted by Doring, Manilla lead 20/6. The kickoff went to Taber who made a solid run, this was supported by good runs from Devine and Doring, Doringkicked and Manilla received a penalty, running the player off the ball, from the good field position Ashley Swan was able to score and unconverted try, Manilla 24/6.

Boggy attempted a low driving kick but this was well read by Devine, the Tigers received a penalty for a high shot, then Swan made another strong runbut he was met with a solid tackle which jarred the ball loose. Boggabri then wasted their possession with a poor kick, Ruttley took possession twenty metres out and with a strong run scored the Tigers next try, not converted, Manilla 28/6.

The Boggabri kick off went out on the full, the Tigers went on the attack again, a good kick from Doring then a good run from Daniel Earl which came unstuck when Harry dropped a low pass. Boggabri then attacked strongly but ran out of tackles on the Manilla line.  Manilla then responded with three runs from Swan, Harry and Starr taking the ball to the halfway line, Doring then took over running strongly before drawing the defence and passing inside to Ruttley for his second try, this try was converted by Doring, Manilla lead 34/6.

Boggabri repeated their earlier tactic of kicking the ball hard and low, this time getting a result with a knock on by Manilla, Carney went off for a well earnt rest, Devine took over as the custodian and continued the chatter from the back, setting the defensive line. The next potential scoring  movement from Manilla commenced with a good run from Harry, this was supported by Karwin Knox who then passed to Doring, Doring was over the line but passed back to Knox, the pass was unexpected the knock on denied the try.

Boggabri responded with a good run down field, creating space on the outside, Mitch Fletcher then completed the attacking raid from the Kangaroos for a converted try, Manilla lead 34/12. Boggabri almost added to their tally when a attacking run went deep into Manilla’s half but an outstanding cover tackle from Lincoln Brown stopped the movement, Boggy kicked into the in goal but a 40 metre run from Doring finished the attack from the Roos, Anthony Wicks took advantage of the disjoined defence scoring from twenty metres out, Manilla led 40/12 after the conversion by Carney.

Carney then finalised the scoring by scoring under the posts and then converting the same, full time 46/12.

Referees Points, Lincoln Brown 3 points, Abel Carney 1.