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Bird deterrent systems installed in Manilla

              Work has started on installing bird deterrent systems in the Manilla CBD along three main blocks of Manilla Street in Manilla.

              Tamworth Regional Council Manager Infrastructure and Works Murray Russell said that two out of three systems have been installed.

              “These pest bird management systems are a proven humane way of managing the local starling population,” said Mr Russell.

              The system is similar to what has been used along Peel Street in Tamworth, and they work by emitting an electronic sound that mimics bird sounds, which help repel the starling population.

              The systems will be installed along Manilla Street between Court and Dewhurst streets.

              “It may take time after these systems are installed to see whether they are successful in deterring the local starling population.

              Staff will send out a survey to local business in a few weeks to assess how effective they have been.

              “We have listened to concerns raised by the Manilla community, and are taking steps to help manage this issue. Our staff will continue to monitor the situation over the coming months.”

              “It is hoped that these new systems will improve the streetscape, which will help the local business community,” said Mr Russell.